Anti-aircraft Gun Site, Grange Farm, Old Ellerby

A heavy anti-aircraft gunsite (station H32) was constructed in early 1943 some 600m south of Ellerby Grange. It included four gun pits, a command post and a magazine. The command post incorporated a plotting room, offices, stores, communications rooms and a boiler room.  The crew, which included members of the Auxiliary Technical Services (ATS), were housed in a large domestic camp to the south of the battery. Consisting of a number of brick buildings and Nissan huts, it also served as a base for several other gun site crews. A searchlight was located to the north. The site is thought to have been abandoned towards the end of the war when the guns were requisitioned for other purposes.

The main concrete structures are still present (see Ellerby Modern Gallery), although the camp and searchlight facility were cleared soon after the end of the war. The magazine was situated some 90 metres to the north east of the command post. It was demolished after the war but the original blast walls surrounding it were roofed over to form the existing agricultural store.

The site is now a National Heritage Monument (List entry no. 1019185. National Grid Reference: TA 16571 37861) .

Personal Memories

Mr Bob Myers recalls: Whilst living at "Ty Gwyn" during the war 1941? my late sister was only a few months old. Germany gave Hull a blasting one night and a stray bomb fell in the field opposite the bungalow I can remember the explosion and the windows and ceilings falling in. Apparently if the bomb had landed on the road that would have been the end of my family. The crater remained for a few years, it filled with water but was eventually filled in.

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