15 August 2017

Hello, my name is Bruce Lockton. My Grandparents, Fred and Sarah Lockton, lived at Railway Cottages as did my father Peter, along with his two brothers and sister. My Grandad worked on the railways.

My father married Shirley Hinch from Little Hatfield in 1957 and I was born in 1958. I have many fond memories of Ellerby as I would spend most of my pre-school days with Nana Lockton. My father would drop me off on his way to work at Reffolds in Preston and pick me up on his way back to Great Hatfield.

I can remember trips with my Nana to Hull and Hornsea, catching the train almost from the bottom of the garden!

I also believe that one of my uncles also moved to Ellerby after serving his National Service. His name was Arthur Lockton and he had children called Peter and Sally.

Thank you for your website, it brought back many wonderful memories.

Bruce Lockton, Clayworth, North Nottinghamshire.

Many thanks Bruce  for your interesting memories and for your kind comments - Geoff

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