JAMES I / VI (1603 - 1625)


James was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots and Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. He was crowned King of Scotland in 1567 and added the crown of England and Ireland in 1603.

Dowthorpe Manor

Marmaduke Langdale died in 1611 and was succeeded by his great nephew, William. He subsequently sold the estate (consisting of a manor, two cottages and 160 acres of land). Poulson states that the estate was then owned by a succession of occupants including Dr Dealtry, Mrs Webster, Charles Eskricke Broadley, Charles Bayles Broadley and John Beadle of Kirkella, who converted the hall into a farmhouse.


From an inquisition, taken at York castle in 1612, it appears that Marmaduke Langdale owned 200 acres of arable, pasture and meadow belonging to this manor and that William was his heir.

CHARLES I (1625 - 1649)


Born in 1600, Charles was the second son of James VI of Scotland and Anne of Denmark. His elder brother died in 1612 at the age of 18 and Charles succeeded James in 1625. In the same year, he married the Catholic princess Henrietta Maria of France. There were constant tensions (mostly about religion and taxes) between Charles and Parliament and these culminated in the Civil War.

The Civil War  (1642-1651)

Officially, the Civil War began when Charles raised his standard at Nottingham on 22 August 1642. However, the first act of rebellion against Charles took place in Hull, in January, when Parliament’s military governor, Sir John Hotham, refused the king entry to the town. Charles needed access to the arms stored at Hull and returned with more men but was rebuffed again. Charles issued a warrant for Hotham to be arrested as a traitor, but was unable to enforce it.

After years of battles, the Parliamentary army won a decisive victory in the Battle of Preston of August 1648. Parliament started negotiations with Charles but Cromwell and his army accused him of treason. Charles was tried, found guilty and beheaded in front of the Banqueting House on 30 January 1649.

THE COMMONWEALTH (1649 - 1660)

CHARLES II (1660 - 1685)

JAMES II / VII (1685 - 1689)

MARY II AND WILLIAM (1689 - 1694)

ANNE (1702 - 1714)

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