Present:  Cllr. Plant, (in the chair), Cllrs. Blogg, Howell, Jamieson, Lock, Parker, Richardson,

Apologies for Absence: Cllrs. Fairfield, Whitton.  

1. Open forum:  The owner of Ellerby Cottage attended to explain that he is complying with ERYC's request that he removes a number of vehicles from the site.  He is intending to apply for permission for an authorised access on Crab Tree Lane further away from the bend.

2. Election of Chairman

It was agreed that Cllr. Plant should take the chair for this meeting and that the election of a Chairman is postponed to the July meeting.

3. Election of Vice Chairman

4. Election of Committee Representatives

Joint Burial Committee  Cllrs. Howell and Richardson

Public Rights of Way   Cllr. Parker

Planning    New Ellerby:  Cllr. Richardson

     Old Ellerby: Cllr. Jamieson

Wind Farm Fund   Cllrs. Fairfield, Plant

5. The minutes of the meeting held on 6th March, having previously been circulated, were taken as read.

6. Matters Arising from the Minutes

(a) Ellerby Cottage: this is now in hand and the vehicles should be reduced by the end of June.

(b) Highways & Grounds Maintenance:  Clerk to ask ERYC again about potting up the ditch opposite the Railway Inn.

7. Planning Applications

(a) Plan passed: 16/04254, extension, Conifer Lodge

(b) Appeal: 17/00017, agricultural occupancy condition.

(c) 17/00692, Mill Stables.  Revised scheme.  No observations.

(d) 17/01166, erection of pig building and access. Crab Tree Lane. Comments to be submitted, with a request that the application is referred to the full committee as views are strongly held:

Narrow road is unsuitable for access by large vehicles.

Slurry is to be disposed of on adjacent fields near residential areas; excessive smell.

Odour control proposals appear inadequate.  

Danger of flooding and pollution if storage tank overfills.

Unacceptable visibility of unit in proposed location

8. Highways and Grounds Maintenance

(a) White lines: ERYC to be asked to refresh these at road junction give way points.

9. Renewal of Insurance

10. Correspondence Received

(a) ERYC:  Withernwick Wind Farm tree planting fund: update

   Parish Council liaison meetings

   LPP scheme: confirmation of successful application.

   Parish Transport Champion

   Referral to Secretary of State for Health

(b) Radio 1 Big Weekend.  Transport and ticket arrangements

(c) Estuary TV: request for contact for local news

(d) Police: new contact is Darren Bainton

(e) Broadband: update from Geoff Gregory

11. Approval of 2016-2017 Accounts

12. Approval of Annual Governance Statement

13. Approval of Annual Return

14. Payment of Accounts

ERYC     1357.78  Litter bins

Zurich       257.60  Insurance

JP Accounting Solutions      48.00  Audit

Yorkshire Water         4.59  Allotment water

Garden & Tree Services    222.18  Cutting footpaths

15. Resignation

Cllr. Blogg gave his resignation as he is moving out of Ellerby.  

16. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 3rd July.  Annual parish meeting at 7.00 pm, followed by

Parish Council meeting at 7.30 p.m. in the Methodist Church schoolroom

V 2.3

Council Meeting of 15 May 2017