Present:  Cllr. Fairfield (in the chair), Cllrs. Blogg, Howell, Jamieson, Lock, Plant, Richardson, Whitton.  

Cllr. J. Holtby (part)

Apologies for Absence: Cllr. Parker.

1. The minutes of the meeting held on 5th September 2016, having previously been circulated, were taken as read.

•  Resolved: that the minutes are approved and signed.

2. Matters Arising from the Minutes

(a) Litter bin: price received from ERYC to supply and install three bins £1140 plus VAT.  Cllr. Lock has submitted an application to Withernwick Wind Farm fund.

(b) Grounds maintenance: No reply has been received from ERYC regarding request for condition of white lines to be surveyed, mud being brought onto the Crab Tree Lane near gas terminal, or unauthorised access at Ellerby Cottage.  Cllr. Holtby will follow this up.

3. Planning Applications

(a) Plans passed: 16/007565, variation of car park condition, Garden Centre

    16/00133, variation of highways condition, Garden Centre

    16/02621, lawful occupation, Conifer Lodge

(b) Approval of caravan site, Garden Centre. This application was approved by a Special Delegated Meeting despite several objections having been submitted.  ERYC has stated that this method of approval takes place when they are not informed that views are strongly held.  Agreed that a letter is sent to ERYC to express the parish council's disappointment that ERYC did not feel that the numerous points of objection raised were sufficient to warrant the application being sent to the full committee.

4. Highways and Grounds Maintenance

(a) Taskforce schedule: ERYC has said that matters relating to PRoW are covered by the grant paid to the parish council.  Cllr. Parker will be asked if John Kershaw is aware of the areas itemised in the schedule.

(b) Street light: no. 3 Skirlaugh Road not working correctly.  Clerk to report.

5. Correspondence Received

(a) ERYC:  notice of termination of funding received for severe weather.  Balance of unspent grant to be refunded to ERYC £661.23.

(b) Old Ellerby payphone: BT intends to take this out of service.

•  Resolved that the parish council applies to adopt the phone box.

(c) Other ERYC:   Rough sleeper survey

   Landscape Character Assessment consultation

   Budget event, 24th November

(d) The audit of the accounts year ended 31.3.2016 has been completed.  

(e) Graham Stuart: Boundary Commission proposes no change to Beverley and Holderness constituency.  Graham Stuart has asked that parish councils write in support of this as the arrangements may be contested and revisions made.  Agreed that the parish council supports the proposal for the reasons outlined in Mr. Stuart's letter.

6. Payment of Accounts

 Mrs. S. Towne   247.65  Half year salary

 ERYC    536.70  Street lighting maintenance

 Ellerby Methodist Chapel  144.00 Room hire 2015 and 2016

 ERYC    661.23  Repayment of unspent grant

 SLCC      26.00  Subscription

•  Resolved that these accounts are paid.

7. Date of Next Meeting

9th January 2017 at 7.30 p.m. in the Methodist Church schoolroom

V 2.3

Council Meeting of 7 Nov 2016